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Tissue, Blood and other Samples

アンカー 3

Setting Sheet

 Monoamines & Metabolites 

DA 5-HT T system.png
Monoamines and Metabolites Tissue c.png

MHPG   3-Methoxy-4-hydoxyphenylglycol   

5-HIAA   5-Hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid

NA  Noradrenaline                                 

ISO (IS)   Isoproterenol

AD  Adrenaline  HVA   Homovanillic acid

DOPAC  3,4-Dihydoxyphenylacetic acid  3-MT   3-Methoxytyramine

NM  Normethanephrine  5-HT    Serotonin

DA   Dopamine

Monoamines and Metabolites Tissue.png
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